Design Strategy

Logo creation and branding are the start of the design strategy, and will bring up many questions -  how do we want to present our business? What does the new logo represent? How will the new image work in various presentations? What digital formats do we need? Style guide? ADART DESIGN has the answers.

Photo Direction

ADART DESIGN can organise a photographer best suited to a specific shoot and direct the photography with the clients style and branding in mind. Knowing the final use of photos in layout terms means the shoot can process quickly and cost effectively.

Lot plans/graphics/maps

Many of our clients have specific requirements in terms of graphic presentations - CAD files that need to become part of brochures and websites and usually simplified and designed to communicate to the target market. 

Interior Styling

As designers with extensive experience in the building/development industry ADART DESIGN can direct photo-shoots for interiors including styling that reflects the clients requirements.


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